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Davido Networth

Davido Networth

Davido Networth

Today’s blog post is focused on his profiles, some of his assets, his net worth in dollars from one of the reputable ranking body Forbes. And also write generally about what you need to know about this artist, just site back as we go on this voyage.

Davido Biography

Net Worth According To Forbes

This young artist started getting it and making money and influence in the young career he was estimated to have an approximate net worth of $16 million. It is an undisputed fact that he came from a rich family nevertheless, it was not a yardstick to his successful rather grace and dedication he put into work in his career have brought him far enough where his mates in the industry have not been to.

Davido does many concerts and sings with record groups which contribute to his high status. What does he do with such a huge amount? Well, read on and get answers to that question. A prove to his extravagant life that is full of enjoyment can be seen via the pictures of his houses and cars that are always made available via social media. He lives a life that is still a fairy tale to many. It is not a hidden fact about his father private that as given to him by his father as a gift

Other Assets Associated With Davido

Looking at his cars and house, you will have no reason to doubt the success this musician has made so far in his career. Out of his cars and houses, one of his houses in South Africa is still not clear to many but because he is yet to give much information about it to the general public.

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Are you enjoying Davido net-worth in dollars? Read on!

Davido house in the USA The Nigerian artist announcement of looking for a house in the USA made his fans know that his success was just beyond words. The screenshots made available via snapchat by his landlord made the public know that his house that is located in Atlanta of Georgia cost about #33,000,000 million nairas.

His house in USA Atlanta to be precise has a spacious environment and cool serene. As a double citizen, he maintained in Nigeria and USA made him posted a video he made in his Atlanta house which set man people agog. In the video he made available there was a caption attached to it saying his daughter room is the largest of all the room in the house.

This house that throw confusion on social media that the house he owns in Lekki is one of the best houses among all Nigeria artist in Nigeria was a four-bedroom flat which has a super doper interior. This house situated in Nigeria cost about 140 million nairas which can compete favorably with Don jazzy house.

It is not a joke to say this man is one of the highest spenders in the music industry, he spends like there is no tomorrow, you can see evidence of this in his garage where he keeps his cars, the cars and toys found here are all of the latest models that are costly and exorbitant for anyone in the music industry to dream of in just a day. All his vehicle not really purchase by him though some are given to him as a gift and some are from endorsement deals from the body that signs him.

  • Audi Flatback (GGX 2012) – worth around N9 Million.
  • Honda Accord – worth about N5 Million.
  • Porsche Turbo – worth around N20 Million.
  • Range Rover Sport – worth around N25 Million
  • Audi R8 Coupe – worth about N20 Million.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom – worth around N100 Million.
  • Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG – worth about N50 Million.
  • Porsche Carrera – worth about N40 Million.
  • Yellow Camaro GS Chevrolet– worth around N11 Million
  • Toyota Land Cruiser – worth around N17,500,000.
  • White Bentley 2011 – worth around N18 Million.
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Conclusion on Davido Networth in Dollars 2018

Success is a daydream but not a year of achievement, it takes deliberate and planned actions towards getting successful in ones chosen careers. We have written on one of the Nigeria stars and 30 billion crooners his net worth according to Forbes.


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